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Feb 2021

New Music From Amy Hart

Dreamer is a legacy release of ten songs written and recorded in 1989 by Amy Hart at Dr. Caw Studio in Glenview IL by producer/engineer Craig Williams.

One day while I was out on Lincoln Ave in Chicago hanging flyers for her gigs I heard a magical sound coming from Orphans, a popular jazz club on the scene. I was immediately drawn to the sparse and powerful sound of this jazz trio, and I wandered inside to check them out. I caught up with them on their break and we hashed out the deal in the alley. I talked them into backing me up, and we started rehearsing soon after. It was the weekend before thanksgiving, I remember because BD was going off to get married, and I was like dang! Three years later after his divorce we were married and share a daughter and grandaughter.


Brian Derek, BD, on fretless bass, Rick Vitek on Drums and Brian Gephart on Sax and Keys brought out a really solid unique and crystal vibe behind Amy's guitar, and the band soon drew the attention of several major labels. We started getting some really cool gigs, and we put alot of energy into the shows. Before you know it we had showcases lined up an of course, the band broke up!! Heart broken after the record was already done, and with no subs or plan to salvage I just took off and headed out to Lake Tahoe to hang out and figure out my next move. Here we are 33 yrs later! Of course there is a whole lot more to the story. I was always going to get around to releasing this work, but it would be many years later, after 3 other albums and during a pandemic. 


in 1989 everything was analog, and I had carted those big heavy tapes all over the country with me on my journey, from LA to Nashville, Chicago, and Florida...I bought a small convection oven that held a two inch reel and spent a few days baking the tapes so the silver on them wouldn't rack and break, and I transferred the songs to an exterior hard drive. That was in 2012. I lost track of it for a few years, then went on with my musical journey. After i lost my last gig in March of 2019 I finally decided that the time was ripe for some catalogue release, and when I found the hard drive and listened for the first time I just cried. 

Its rough, its punky bratty beautiful shiny, schmaltzy country swampy reggae prophetic spiritual jazz pop. Its definitely Americana, before they had a category of that nature. It shows all my influences, and my striving to achieve pop status. In my heart its just a snapshot of what my life was like back then. Ah yes, youth is truly wasted on the young. I am so happy to share it. And to be able to bring it to the internet on my label Painted Rock Records. I am so proud that the guys played their guts out on this, and I got to write, sing and play guitar and front this amazing trio. I do consider it to be my best work EVER!

Release Date 3/27/2021

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