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Thank you Wayne Dyer

I learned so much from reading and listening to Wayne Dyer. I had a divided and troubled mind. Constantly second guessing myself, struggling with self worth, commitment of any kind to anything was nearly imossible to me. My mind was cluttered with nonsense and auto-response thinking programmed by generations of auto-responders, much like a hamster caught on a wheel. I was born a Catholic and still love that Church, and all that it stands for. But as many other Catholics I found I was not being fed or taught what I truly needed to understand and navigate my search for God understanding or how to find my way to the peace and freedom that was promised. We never studied the Bible. We stood like drones, knelt when told, sang when asked and mumbled thru mass after mass, half awake. Its truly a miracle that we ever got any spiritual experience, other than the automatic resonance produced by what standing in a beautiful cathedral hall filled with amazing art and stained glass generates and by what hearing an ancient pipe organ can trigger within one's self. It was good, but not enough. Not enough to wake me up. To raise my awareness of God, and translate His message. I needed more. Wayne Dyer and many others provided that for me and countless others.

I can share this moment of my own enlightenment. I had heard many times the teaching of Jesus in John 8:32 which has been translated into "Ye Shall Know The Truth and The Truth Shall Make You Free". To me, this is the whole key to life. I could never understand it. How will I know? What do you mean free? And why was I so stuck on this one particular saying apart from all of His teachings? Why does it mean so much to me? To Us? I typed two words into Google, "Ye Shall" and there it was, but still it took hearing the voice of Wayne Dyer to crack that code for me.

In a nutshell, there should be an equal sign placed between truth and free. TRUTH=FREE. My hearing of the intonation of Wayne Dyers voice when he explained this innate human code that we all own, this God given fact of humanity became clear : We will know the truth, that it is the truth BECAUSE it will make us free. Thats how we will know the truth because it will makes us free. That huge sigh of relief, the unmistakeable breath of wisdom, is the acceptance of what is true in our hearts. There can be no peace without it. Thank you Wayne Dyer and Godspeed.

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