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Be - Leave!

I came up with a pretty cool buzz phrase for when I really need a break from down in the dumps negative thinking. How often I find myself spiraling down the dark black hole in my consciousness into the same old pit of dispair, "poor me" "woe is me" bla bla bla! Its downright painful! Honestly I think that mere thoughts and emotions can be physically painful! In fact I am convinced that the separation between emotional and physical manifestation is just a matter of patterned recurrence in one's consciousness. Its been said many times that to "think about is to bring about".

We all want to be happy, to be loved, to be successful, to be beautiful, healthy and all good things. Its our nature. Its what God wants for us to be as well as we are made in His image. Once you accept yourself for who you are as a human being, you can then focus on staying there, and building from there. All you have to do is accept who you are right where you are. Just BE. Not perfection, not any preconcieved notion of this or that. Just the watcher, the one who waits.

This requires no action on your part. Only an awareness and acceptance of your being. In meditation it is the space of emptiness that one reaches just prior to enlightenment. It is then that love will fill the void left by the absence of judgement. If you can clear that space in your self, your mind or consciousness of all thought, judgement or so called knowledge, you allow the space to be filled with the only true thing, which is God/Love.

Just BE and LEAVE the rest up to God.

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